Rederij De Gentenaer


During the light festival, traveling through an illuminated city center is a unique chance to get admired for the Ghent’s most beautiful and adorable historic buildings and monuments. Boat trips are offered for both individual and groups and most prefer to travel with the crowd to enjoy the fascinating features of Ghent, Belgium. The best day to go with boat trip is during the winter and summer. During winter times, one can see the snow world of Ghent city as the trees and building are covered with snow, but the water remains the same which is the specialty here.

While during summer, you can see the sun rays falling over the river reflect on the glowing faces and is the perfect time to capture those candid pics of your loved ones. The tour guide accompanied by you will tell all the interesting facts about the lake and boat trip along with that history of those adorable buildings. Most tourist guide would speak in different languages as they are skilled in the language of many countries. You can also check out the ways of the river through the map provided by the workers.